Huge Snouted Cobra Pulled Fresh from a Toilet! Watch Your As*!

Snouted Cobra in Toilet Pretoria, South Africa.
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A giant Snouted Cobra was ALMOST pulled from someone’s toilet, but it fought back and ducked back down the toilet – disappearing. There were some VERY CONCERNED residents in this apartment building who probably didn’t dookie for a week until this thing was found.

These reports are getting more common by the day. Guess that’s because we love them so much, everyone is making a big deal out of it when a deadly snake comes up through someone’s pipes and into the toilet beneath where they’re doing their business.

This snake was none other than a “Snouted Cobra.” Sounds vicious, right? Well, it’s deadly and the fact that your backside and if you’re male, your dangling doo-dad, offers a great target for cobra fangs, should scare the pants off you at least a little bit.

Snouted cobra - Naja annulifera, found in toilet.
Snouted cobra like the one found in the toilet.

This snake grows to 2.45 meters maximum length, and has potentially fatal bite results as indicated by the dangerousness chart below. Here is the info page for this snake – showing facts, first aid, and antivenom specifics.

Snouted cobra venom index graphic from
Snouted cobra venom index. Not something you’d want underneath you during a toilet mission…

Then, they finally FOUND IT! Two guys pulled it out of the toilet on 12/6.

Original article here.

Cape Town – There were hugs and jubilation when the now-infamous toilet snake was removed from a toilet in Glenletta Court in Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, on Tuesday.

“It was a huge relief to the people,” Tshwane Metro nature conservationist Hencke Marais said. He and his colleague, Gerhard Horn, finally got the venomous snouted cobra out of the toilet on Tuesday morning.

The 1.87m-long male snouted cobra was first spotted in a toilet in one of the building’s apartments on November 24.

“This was a large specimen and he was most definitely deadly. He can release a large volume of venom,” Marais told News24.

He said he had removed many cobras from toilets. They liked tunnels.

The one slithering through the Glenletta Court’s pipes had managed to make its way to the first floor, which Marais said was “quite a climb”.

The only way to get a snake out of a pipe was with one’s hands, Marais said.

“You have to get your hand behind its head and gently pull it out bit by bit. It uses its tail like an arm or leg and will grab hold and not let go.”

Below you can see some clown who probably thinks of himself as a snake expert, lets a snouted cobra bite down on his hard leather hiking boot – probably breaking off teeth in the process. Do any of these snake experts ever think about THE SNAKE’S WELL BEING? WTF?

If the video doesn’t show – you can click HERE.