4th Cobra Bite! Maybe Time to Change Jobs?

Monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) snakebite sight. Necrotic tissue.

Thailand has a lot of snake shows. They’re rather depressing places, but the people who work there can get to be good friends, regardless. I spent a number of years at one of these places and met some Thai and Burmese guys that I enjoyed spending time with when they weren’t terrorizing the snakes.

Tammy (a male) was one of those Thai guys who had a great personality, and he was a veteran. He’d handled snakes for something like 8 years for the King Cobra show. He, like the other guys there, had all been bitten by venomous snakes before.

In Tammy’s case, this was his 4TH BITE BY A COBRA! I think 3 of them were monocled cobras (Naja kaouthia) and one was from a king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) – a dry bite. This one that I interviewed him for was NOT a dry bite, and you can see the necrotic tissue dead in his thigh muscle. He went to have that scraped out at the hospital the day after I took these photos. These photos were from 4 days post-bite.

Monocled Cobra bite victim one week post bite.

I asked him if maybe it was time to switch jobs. He agreed it probably was time, but he made decent money at the show – around $500 per month. The last time I heard from him, he was in China.

Guess what he was doing?

Snake shows, of course!

I wonder how many times he’s been bitten by now!

Here’s the interview I did with him about the bite:



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